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We are often asked about the timescales for the ordinary divorce and what the procedure is. Increasingly we are asked if it can be done quicker than the 10 week estimate as the customer has already booked their next wedding!

Whilst we are able to give an approximate timescale of 10 weeks we can’t guarantee it as it’s really down to how long the court takes to process each step. Our advice is always to wait until you have the divorce confirmed before setting a date!

Another concern people have is how quickly the fees need to be paid and if everything has to be paid at once. Below is an outline of what to expect –

After buying the ordinary divorce package we will send you a questionnaire on the basic details of the marriage and separation. The initial writ is then sent to the court and usually about a week to ten days that the court call to take payment of the court fee of £159.

Once the papers come back with the warrant they are served by sheriff officer. This can be done straight away or you can hold off for a few weeks to suit your budget as their fee is £90.

Three weeks after the papers are served, the affidavits get done and then they get signed before the notary (approximately £50) and again that can be done straight away or delayed to suit.

Lastly all the papers are sent back to the court with the final court fee of £70 and you can time that too.

So, in a nutshell you can effectively decide when you will pay the fees. Obviously if you want to delay any payments that will add to the time it takes to conclude the divorce.