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 Going through a divorce can be an emotionally turbulent time for everyone involved,
but Scottish Divorce Online are here to help guide you through the process.

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When it comes to providing a professional and reliable divorce service, our reputation speaks for itself. We have guided hundreds of couples towards their preferred resolution and are ready to help you too.


It is important to understand why you are getting a divorce, as certain procedures vary depending on the situation. Below is a quick summary of the most common reasons to help you decide.


To file for divorce on the grounds of adultery, the person raising the divorce action will need to serve the court papers not only on their spouse but also the person they were having an affair with.

If the adultery is not admitted, the person raising the action will also have to prove to the satisfaction of the court that the adultery has been committed.


If you have lived apart from your spouse for a period of at least one year and they are willing to sign a form consenting to the divorce then this can be grounds for divorce.


To be divorced on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour, the court has to be satisfied that you could not possibly be expected to live with your spouse, due to unreasonable behaviour such as: the excessive consumption or misuse of drugs and/or alcohol, financial extravagance, mental or physical abuse, violence and controlling behaviour.


If you have lived apart from your spouse for two years, you do not need their consent to proceed with a divorce.

This is the most common reason for divorces in Scotland, as one party may not wish to give their consent prior to this or it may take some time to reach an agreement on financial matters.

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